Is a Criminal Justice Degree a Good Career Option?

The criminal justice degree is a bachelor program that prepares the student to take up an active career in a profession related with crime control. Although people think that most people who acquire this degree become police officers, the fact is that the degree actually opens up a panorama of different law enforcement-related occupations. The course inculcates in persons the qualities of accepting responsibility, working for enforcing the law, identifying and interviewing suspects, conducting criminal investigations, working in association with other law enforcement officers and being accountable for one's own actions.

However, there is much more to this program than meets the eye. Here we take a closer look at the criminal justice program.

What Do You Learn?

There are different subjects included in the courses of different criminal justice degree programs. Typically, you will find subjects such as Forensics, History and Philosophy of Justice, Statistics of Criminal Justice and the ubiquitous Criminal Law. There is specialization available for each of these subjects, which helps in improving the standing of a candidate when making a particular job application.

What Fields Do You Work in?

Many fields open out after successfully completing the criminal justice program; however, all of these fields refer to the law enforcement field. You learn how to conduct investigations at crime scenes and how to interrogate suspects. But, besides these direct law enforcement fields, you may also branch out into special areas such as forensics or cyber crime. Security is another field that opens out to a person who completes the program successfully.

Is the Degree Mandatory for People Looking for a Law Enforcement Career?

Many people are asking this question, and the answer is 'no'. If you have a degree in criminal justice, it can sure bolster your chances, especially since there are so many candidates and a lot of competition because of that. However, merely having the degree will not help. There's a series of tests in which you need to perform well and then there's the very important oral interview in which you need to emerge with flying colors. Most experts feel that the success or failure in getting a job as a law enforcer depends more on the oral interview than on anything else, the degree included.

What Jobs Can One Expect?

The degree in criminal justice improves your chances for various careers. Some of these practitioners include Forensic Scientist, Crime Scene Analyst, Criminal Investigator, Court Reporter and Legal Assistant. This is only a few of the most popular careers that this degree improves your chances for. There are several other employees in law enforcement departments that you can apply for, strengthened by the power of this degree in your hand.

How Much Starting Salary Can Be Expected?

Since the employment of a successful candidate after this degree will depend on a lot of factors, the overall salary that they make will depend on a lot of factors too. On the whole, a person who has completed the degree and got a law enforcement employment on its value can expect to earn somewhere between $ 40,000 and $ 65,000, though the actual earnings will depend on a lot of factors.