Is Psychology a Science Or an Art?

Psychology is a science because it analyzes human behavior and the human mind. Art is free of rules and totally based on subjective conceptions. Science is based on the objective analysis of facts that belong to our reality, studies, and comparisons. Art is based on talent and intuition.

As a psychologist and literature writer, I clearly recognize that there is great difference between science and art. However, because I’m an artist, I could understand the meaning of dreams better than Carl Jung, who was only a scientist. There is an artistic side that characterizes psychology in many ways. For example, the dream language is poetical and philosophical. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams helps us develop our sensitivity.

Psychology is a science that studies human emotions and feelings. Our psyche is very sensitive. Thus, a psychologist must be able to penetrate into a sensitive world that works based on feelings. It requires a different approach that surpasses the limits of science.

The unconscious mind that analyzes our psyche and produces our dreams is an artist, a psychologist, a teacher, a priest, and our best friend. This is why the unconscious psychotherapy also works like a spiritual transformation.

By translating the meaning of our dreams, we understand that the meaning of life is not based on our daily routine. We live in order to become real human beings instead of being selfish monsters. This is why the unconscious mind is also responsible for our religious inclinations.

Religion is a form of psychotherapy. It teaches us the meaning of spirituality, helping us understand that we must cultivate goodness in our hearts in order to evolve. Goodness is the only antidote against craziness and terror.

Our wild nature must be tamed by our sensitivity and our goodness. This is the meaning of human life, and at the same time, a psychological necessity. If we won’t fight against the absurdity imposed by our wild and evil anti-conscience, we will be dominated by craziness. The various crimes, wars, and many other horrors that characterize our world prove that we are very violent creatures.

Thus, psychology is an art because it penetrates into the sensitive field of the human psyche, looking for answers and solutions. This is an unpredictable field, where emotions and fears must be comprehended and transformed into positive reactions. However, psychology is basically a very serious science that fights against absurdity, trying to maintain our mental stability.

Absurdity is a terrible enemy that human beings are not able to eliminate alone. This is why the divine unconscious mind produces our dreams, sending us many important messages that work like psychotherapy. The unconscious guidance is constantly helping us fight against the destruction of our human conscience by the evil anti-conscience.

When our human conscience is alive, we feel compassion. We understand that human beings are imperfect creatures who make many mistakes, forgiving our enemies. However, when the anti-conscience dominates our mind and controls our behavior, we cannot forgive anyone. We become murderers, killing not only our enemies, as well as many innocent people who live around them, or who depend on them, like their children.

Psychology is a science that analyzes our mind and behavior in order to help us find mental health and happiness. Mental health depends on balance. Happiness depends on wisdom.

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