Managing Your Well-Being When Working FIFO Jobs in WA

FIFO workers play an important role in bolstering Australia’s economy, especially with continuously booming industries like mining and construction. Studies have even shown that the mining and petroleum industries contributed to 85 percent of Western Australia’s income from 2017 to 2018. Indeed, we can expect more FIFO jobs WA mining opportunities to be available in the near future as the sector continues to sustain its growth.

A high demand for FIFO workers is certainly good. However, beyond recruitment, there’s also a need to focus on FIFO workers’ health and wellness. If you’re a FIFO worker yourself, then you already know that the environment puts you at a higher risk of developing certain illnesses. You have to accept such hazards in this kind of industry. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just leave your well-being up to chance. Here are some things to remember to keep yourself in the pink of health:

Physical Well-Being

A lot of FIFO mining jobs are physically demanding. Even those working in clerical or staff support positions also face numerous health risks. These include respiratory problems due to dust, hearing impairments, and musculoskeletal disorders. Heat stress is also a big risk, as well as whole body vibration that can cause vision impairment, digestive issues, and reproductive damage in women.

Using personal protective equipment while working is imperative for protecting yourself against external hazards. Of course, it’s also important to keep your body in top condition through exercise and proper diet. For this reason, most mining sites in Western Australia and throughout the country have in-house food services and fitness facilities. Maximise these readily available resources to keep yourself healthy while you’re away on a swing.

Mental Well-Being

Mental health is a very important consideration and priority for mining companies, with many providing a large amount of complimentary on-site services to give their employees the support that they need. Outside of these services, there are a variety of things that an employee can do on their own to take care of their mental state.

It’s important to develop mindful practices to clear your mind and keep your thoughts positive. Try looking up meditation techniques and see if they can help. Make the most out of your downtime and take advantage of available entertainment facilities on-site. You should also keep in touch with your loved ones, which is easily possible thanks to technology.

Most mining sites also have their own psychologists. Talk to them. Let go of the “tough guy” culture or mentality. Admitting that you need help can also be a sign of courage, rather than weakness.

Poor nutrition, physical problems, and mental health issues can take a huge toll on some FIFO workers. The good thing is that there is now more awareness about the physical and mental well-being issues faced by workers in the mining industry.

For FIFO workers, self-awareness is important. Don’t be afraid to talk with your managers if you need additional help. Your health shouldn’t take a backseat to profits and those in leadership positions should understand this critical matter.

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