Money For College From Service in the Armed Forces

Service in the United States Armed Forces comes with many rewarding benefits. Not the least of which is money for college. Starting in 1944 and extending to present day, young men and women have enlisted in the military as a way to see their dreams of college become a reality.

The financial assistance offered by the military allows students to attend school full-time. This can happen in a number of ways. Students can choose to become a reservist or national guardsman, both of which can qualify for college assistance.

All branches of the military offer financial assistance programs to active duty service men and women. You are considered active duty when you sign up for a specified amount of service time; usually a 4 year tour of duty. But that is flexible as 2, 3 and even 6-year programs are also quite common.

The Montgomery GI Bill

The Bill allows students to receive money for higher education. The money can be used for any higher educational institution. This includes traditional colleges and universities, as well as voluntary colleges, online universities, college night programs and college weekend classes among others.

The amount of money students can receive is dependent upon on the term of enlistment. And with the help of special incentives, students can earn up to $ 73,836 for college; a number that continues to increase. The money can be used after your active duty is over or for part-time enrollment during service. Tuition assistance programs also exist to help soldiers who wish to complete some coursework while on active duty.


Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) is yet another option to consider. Hundreds of colleges across the country accept this program in conjunction with the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Students are allowed to attend ROTC classes and conduct training activities for two years with no obligation for service. Those who stay with the program must commit to service as an officer for at least three years after graduation. These students may also compete for full-tuition scholarships and annually stipends making it an incredibly flexible and popular program.

Repayment of College Loans

For students who accumulated student loan debt, there are certain college loan reimbursement programs available through the armed services. Eligible students may have completed only a few courses, or they may have fully graduated by the time they seek assistance.

Know Your Options

Every branch is different and it is up to you to explore what will work best for you. For more information on the complete list of armed forces incentives programs go online and visit,, or It's a great way to serve your country and get solid college financial aid all at once.

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