Myth Buster

As a career counselor, career guidance professional, HR professional and staffing executive who has hired or placed 1,275+ individuals, I’ve have a bone to pick with a naysayer. Is it the Easter Bunny? The Tooth Fairy? Santa Claus?Come on. Who?

The naysayer I am addressing is the person who shuts down his or her job search because of the holidays. Candidates, job searchers, people that I am working with have told me or written me that “ one ever hires over a holiday. So, I’m just going to go about doing things for (whatever holiday it is”.) July 4th? Na. The worst is the time between the end of November and the first of January.

Maybe it’s the sign-of-things to come, but this is the busiest I’ve been in years. I have ten direct hire opportunities and several contract opportunities to fill before the start of the new year. Ten! And people just want to kick back.

This lack of job searching remains one of the more amazing phenomena I’ve witnessed in several years. When you’re looking for a job, be out there constantly, push recruiting firms you have engaged, go back to job boards, and realized if you take a day off and go a party, network like there is no tomorrow. Make good use of every situation.

But to “shut down a job search” is almost unconscionable.

Stay focused. Be different than those folks who do “shut down.” Be out there pushing. Be out there networking. Network at church or at your children’s school. Be on job boards. You need to get an interview! Interviews lead to jobs.

Why? Companies aren’t shut down. There could be a holiday party, but every manager knows overhead = money. People are working and looking for outstanding candidates. This could be the break you need.

If you need assistance in getting motivated or standing out in your job search, start by being proactive during every holiday. If you are searching for a job, your job is searching for a job. Don’t lose site of the objective.

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