Nursing Career – Top Reasons Why You Want to Choose a Career in Nursing

The health care industry has been steadily improving over the past years. With new diseases and sicknesses such as the world pandemic H1N1 and other less serious in nature, there is a need for health care services including chemists, pharmacists, doctors and nurses among the other. This makes the nursing career very promising in the years to come since the need for nurses will always be there. It is also an absolutely challenging and rewarding career to pursue in and therefore, should be considered as a serious career choice.

In a study conducted in 2002, it has been shown that the nursing career was the 2nd highest when it comes to the median salary offered. The trend, back then, was seen to increase in line with more hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities that was to be built based on the current demand. Although the survey was specifically for the US, it would be safe to assume that the global pattern can be based upon that.

How does it feel to be able to go into a career where you are able to show love, care and attention to the society at large? Nurses, as we all know are very important and assist doctors and other medical professionals in the line of duty. It is a noble career and would give you the perfect opportunity to serve the society. In my personal opinion, nurses and doctors; teachers as well as those that are in the domestic and international security descriptions top praises and recognition for all their hard-work, dedication and contribution to the society, nation and world alike.

A common misconception is that the nursing career is only meant for women. If you must know, the nursing career and industry has has seen male nurses since the 16th century. The nursing career, although stereotyped as a career that is primarily for women and men who are more towards the feminine side is slowly evolving. These days, the number of male nurses in nursing colleges and medical schools are on a steady increase. Although still nowhere comparable to their counterparts in terms of numbers, it is still a positive sign. The point here is that the nursing career is a career that is not gender-based anymore. As a matter of fact, the nursing career duty portfolio is also extensive with many job descriptions.

The above are among some of the top reasons why you would want to choose a career in nursing. It is a rewarding career both in terms of salary renumeration and self-satisfaction!

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