Personal Career Development – Why So Many Network Marketers Fail and How You Can Succeed

Home Based Business

More and more people are setting up their own home based business and are working on their personal career development. If you are among the newest and brightest, you might be surprised to learn that almost 95 percent of all network marketing businesses end in failure. Keep reading to learn which five fatal
mistakes to avoid.

Network Marketing

The high failure rate can be alarming, believe me I know. But it might offer some comfort for you to know that this failure rate does not have to apply to you. The fact is, network marketing works if you work it. Incorporate this advice into your personal care development and profit from the mistakes of others by not repeating them in your business.

5 Fatal Errors

1. Leads List – This is perhaps the single biggest mistake people make. There is absolutely no way to succeed in this business without a leads list. Whether you are a traditional MLM marketer seeking leads for new reps or are involved in the exciting new Top Tier marketing approach building leads for new customers, a healthy hot leads list is crucial.

2. Attitude – Your upline has very likely already tried to stress the importance of a winning attitude but let me read and drive the point home for you. You absolutely, positively must have wealth mindset and a mindset for business in order for you to succeed in this business. If you expect to fail, you will. Expect to win and … you will!

3. Expectations – Having reasonable expectations is another key factor. Do not fall into the trap of expecting overnight success. It just does not work that way, ever. Your business will succeed if you work hard at it and do not give up. Otherwise, you're likely to join the other 95 percent of disappointed network marketers.

4. Personal Career Development – There are specialized skill sets that are needed for a successful team that most people do not possess coming into the business. Be willing and open to learning these new skills. By disregarding the need to grow and learn with the business, you set yourself up to fail at the start.

5. Leadership – I can not tell you how often I hear of another failed network marketing business because there simply was not any leadership. Choose your leaders wisely. Look for leadership that will offer support and guidance to you along the way.

Keep It Going

Do not be frustrated by the statistics, laugh at them and know that you will be in that top, and very happy, 5 percent of winners. Continue focusing on your personal career development. Keep your eye on the prize and avoid these pitfalls and you're well on your way to success.

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