Personal Change Management – It Starts When You Finished Your Career

Only a limited number of careers and the people that finished these will do exactly what is in line with the expectation of the career. For example:
You study medicine, follow a specialization and you finish as a surgeon. You work as a surgeon most of your life. Even if you would switch your practice to another country, your job – being a surgeon – will be much the same.

The same holds true for the accountant, the architect, the programmer, the coach (sports) or the engineer.
But the surgeon could also become the director of a hospital. After years of service this would be a logical next step. Even though the management of health institutions has been professionalized, the possibility still exists.

And, the engineer could become the manager of the engineering department, the programmer could become the manager of the development team or the salesman could become an entrepreneur.
Basically change starts with or after we finish school or university. You have studied to be employed in a certain direction, but after "tasting" the real thing you could very well switch and refocus on new opportunities.

For some it starts even earlier. They do not know what to do later on and they study something "randomly." Law is always a good starting point you can use this background in almost any job.

And then it is all up to you. How well do you know what you want and where you are heading to? That is basically what change is all about.

© 2006 Hans Bool

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