Photo Grant Money – Why Are So Many Adults Going Back to Study?

Did you know that about half the student population consist of what we used to call "non-traditional" students. Yes, that is you and me and other over 22's who are returning to college to finish their tertiary education. But, why this sudden increase in adult learners? We'll mention some reasons below but, one of the main reasons, is due to the fact that college grant money is removing the financial limitations people used to have.

Quite often, for adults a trigger event will spark of the urge to return to college. Some known ones are:

– a change in maritime status, such as divorce
– your children have become less dependent on you and may be in college themselves
– you do not get the promotion that you were expecting to get
– you have a young new boss who is qualified but not experienced
– there have been layoffs and you are unemployed and struggling to get work
– love is in the air in the form of a new romance with a well educated person
– your job is very complex and you need to catch up academically (this often happens to teachers, lecturers, etc)
– you are about to retire and are not quite ready to retire.

In short, any reason is a good reason to go back to school and you can only benefit from it in the long run. With all the free college money that it is around, you need not worry about financing it either. Go and have a look at the FAFSA web site and get started by applying for a pell grant which could pay you up to $ 5350 per year. Also approach your college and local businesses, as many have scholarships available. To get going right now, just head over and apply for a $ 10000 scholarship – it is free and easy.

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