Photo Success – Three Surprising Reasons to Get a College Education

Education has been a constant since the beginning of time. From cavemen drawing stories on cave walls and Socrates suffering the ultimate punishment for expanding young minds, all cultures have passed information, skills, customs and history to the next generation.

Of course, education is not valued by all. Some groups who seek power fear education so much that they destroy the educated and burn books hoping they can destroy the ideas and replace them with their own. It is much easier to control the uneducated and illiterate.

Today it's popular to think of a college education as the route to a good job and better pay. While college graduates tend to earn more, many of them end up working in fields they are never expected or starting businesses instead of working on jobs. There are many more important reasons to get as much education as you can other than just increasing income. Here are three of them.

1. Starting and finishing an academic or training program builds the strategies needed to set a goal and reach it. Completing a hard-won goal builds self-confidence.

2. Being exposed to a wide variety of subjects, teaching styles and diverse classmates prepares you for living in an ever-changing and diverse world. Successfully completing a college or technical education requires using a variety of strategies and teachings you to consider alternative solutions to problems.

3. Being educated enables you to bounce back faster from setbacks. We will all encounter adversity, disappointments and setbacks in our lives. A good college education gives you years of experience in overcoming obstacles, dealing with rejection, postponing gratification and starting over.

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