Presentation Involves Your Very Vital Career Success

Presentation according to the management guru Riteway Strokon is everything. Your status and rise to fame in your organization depends to a great deal on the presentation of "your castle and domain" that is your office area and space.

Plan your future and work your plan. How can your office scream your power, prestige and success?

First of all no matter what get the office in the "Lucky Corner". This is the corner diagonal to the door and facing the door. This has the most energy and it is said luck associated with it. Do your very best to get this vital location for your desk.

Next have a view of water within your preview. You can put a picture of a beach or ocean scene in front of you to stimulate wealth, opportunities to grow your career and advancement. Maybe even you can have a water fountain installed in your area.

Be sure to have an open space in front of your desk. It is best to keep your desk clear to keep your desktop clear and not staked with files or papers. If you have to have these stacks onto the side of the desk not in the middle. This shows that you are a person of action and distinction who takes care of things, that you are not a laggard.

In regards to the position of your desk see in your planning if you can not have a solid wall at your back. This will give the appearance of support and stability. On the wall you can place testaments that scream your success and position. Gather your trophies so to speak – certificates, degrees, awards, customer's letters etc. Remember if you place them on the wall behind you. Remember that at a distance no one will be able to read them. Riteway notes that at the worst you can always go to your local "Value Village" and purchase some odd plaques or trophies. Awards that are framed are best placed in a red or even gold frame. Remember less can be more so it may be wise to not overdo this trick of instant status. You can even pictures of ships. Ships in many cultures represent the arrival of new opportunities, luck and wealth. These nautical icons can be placed near the doorway to indicate that good luck is sailing in. Note though it is best not to have pictures and paintings of ships in rough seas, storms or being sunk in a naval battle. It is not a wise idea to have a picture or miniature model of the Titanic.

Lastly several point to ponder. You are what you present yourself as to others in many cases as you plan your career promotion up the corporate or organizational structure. Be concerned to wear the corporate colors – for example IBM men were known for their blue suits. Dress one up from your collections toward the next level.
Not enough to antagonize yourself as an upstart in their eyes but close enough to your superiors that they will notice it. Presentation is everything. Take care of the details and the details will take you – shined shoes, neat office, pressed and neat clothes, clean and orderly office and the details will take care of you.

Lastly use the front door. Too many employees enter the building where they work through the rear door. This will give you the so called "rear treatment". You should see yourself as a vital important person a credit and contributor to your organization. Always enter through the front door of the office. Enter and leave this way. You will double your career luck and rise to success.

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