Pros and Cons of Education Online

Getting an online education has become very popular these days, mainly because of it's advantages, which I will list in the following text. But, it's not all that "shiny" as it seems, there are also many disadvantages of online education.

Online studying, unlike traditional, can offer some tempting advantages. One of the most tempting are flexibility and low cost. Flexibility is important if you have a job (and you want to keep it), so you do not have to worry about fitting your classes around your job schedule.

Low cost, probably the largest advantage, is also important these days. Online education usually costs less than its traditional counterpart, so you can save money on tuition, if you pursue your degree through an online university.

Online education is ideal for students with physical handicaps (they would not have to travel to a traditional university), shy students, language challenged students,

Being able to set your own study time is one major advantage. If you are trying to get a promotion, or to make some money, this is a big plus for you.

People today usually run very busy lifestyles, there is very little time for them to devote to regular classes.

Now that I've listed the advantages, it's time for the bad side of online education, disadvantages.

One of the major disadvantages could probably be working on your own, with no interaction. You are not in a classroom and you are not able to hear questions asked by other students, and their discussion. It does not mean this is a problem for everyone, but it is a huge disadvantage. It's usually depending on the subject you're taking, for eg it is easier in history than in math, physics, chemistry because you will probably need someone to explain it better to you.

But with all the disadvantages, the number of people choosing online studying instead of the traditional one, is getting larger and larger.

You have to decide if lack of interaction is a problem for you, if you think it will affect your results, online education is probably not the best choice for you. But if you have a job, and it would be really hard for you to fit your regular classes with your job schedule, you should definitely choose online education. At the end, after listing some pros and cons of online education, it's all up to you, whether it suits you, or not.

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