Pros and Cons of Gender Selection Procedures

As technology progresses, scientific processes also develop fast. With modern equipments at the perusal of scientists these days, they are able to find solutions to problems which seemed impossible in the past. In the past, parents do not have the capacity to choose the gender of their babies. Even just the thought of having control in having a boy or a girl child is instantly dismissed by a regular individual since it is just plain unimaginable.

With the breakthroughs in science, with the help of modern technology, scientists and doctors have created procedures which made it a reality. There are now a lot of couples, individuals, and future parents who are very much willing to undergo certain procedures or try some methods so that they can conceive a child with a gender that they prefer. Sex selection processes have now become very popular since it presents a whole lot of benefits. On the other hand however, it also has its own sets of disadvantages.

Pros of Gender Selection

Having the capability of choosing the gender of your future child gives people of certain cultures and traditions a lot of benefits. It could not be denied that there are a lot of people who still believe that the male gender is more powerful in society as compared to the female. Though people these days are more open-minded, there are still those who have that mindset. Men are considered by some to have more power in the society. They are considered as head of families and are preferred as leaders in various sectors of the society.

Also, it could be an advantage to have a male child since he is able to inherit a clan’s property in the future. It is also the male who is able to carry the family name after marriage which is considered a big advantage my most people nowadays. Some couple also now have the chance to have children of different genders. Some prefer to have a girl and boy children rather than having an all-girl or all-boy children.

Cons of Gender Selection

The first biggest disadvantage is that processes used by doctors to make sex selection possible have very high costs. In order to undergo these scientific procedures, one must be willing to spend a lot. You must at least have an above-average income in order to undergo processes like in vitro fertilization or IVF, pre-implantation, and the like. Though many qualify for those procedures, not all have the finances to afford them.

Another big disadvantage is that sex selection could cause an imbalance in the society. There are even countries that ban it because of this sole reason. It is also considered immoral or unethical by some groups and according to some studies, it could cause neglect to the lesser-preferred gender.

If you are planning to choose sex selection methods, take into consideration both the advantages and disadvantages that it can offer. Opinions on this aspect greatly vary so it is important that you first understand all the aspects involved before making the final decision.

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