Scope of Ph.D. In Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology requires a training program that leads to various career paths. If you opt for this discipline, you get opportunities to develop your career, both in a surgical and medical way. Working in the area of ​​women health serves for a rewarding and stimulating career. Doctors who take up this stream are key to ensuring safety during maternity stage and childbirth. Although, the services go beyond childbirth and emphasize upon improving women health at all life stages.

Role of the Specialist

A person pursuing this discipline is expected to be such a physician specialist who offers medical and surgical supervision to women and is an expert in pregnancy, childbirth as well as problems related to the reproductive system. It involves prenatal care, preventive care, family planning and detecting sexually transmitted diseases.

Opportunities for Them

Such people either serve as primary doctors or become consultants of other physicians. These doctors practice in private, work in clinics or hospitals and are offered teaching positions at a university hospital. They are also accommodated in preventive medicine and public health positions. They come with a broad range of knowledge and develop unique practices to provide quality healthcare to women.

For career growth, these aspirants go for various specialties based on their choices. It includes adolescent gynecology, cancer, behavioral problems, endocrinology, chronic medical conditions, health during pregnancy, infertility, operative gynecology, prenatal care and childbirth, preventive health and issues related to the urinary tract associated to the urinary tract.

Before taking the plunge, this profession calls for proper education and training through attending a recognized medical school at the undergraduate level. In addition, prior experience in primary care is important for at least six months. The training enterprises ambulatory care, diagnosis and treatment of breast related diseases and dysfunction of the lower urinary tract. The study also covers performing and interpreting the diagnostic transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound.

Be a Certified Doctor

With every year of training, the responsibility of patients keeps on increasing. Finally, they are awarded certificates but the student requires undergoing a recertification process after every ten years to renew the status of staying certified. The study has four standard subspecialties including gynecologic oncology, maternal medicine, reproductive endocrinology and the problem of infertility as well as reconstructive pelvic surgery.

Specialization for Ph.D. Students

This discipline covers a wider area of ​​medicine and it is better to discuss with a person supervising your study if you are going to pursue a Ph. D. in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Every Ph.D. aspirant has the privilege of choosing his or her field of specialization from a list that enterprises foetal growth and development, genetics and genomics, gestational diabetes, maternal hepatitis, preeclampsia, prenatal diagnosis and screening. Furthermore, topics like endometriosis, endometrium and implantation, gynecological cancer, urogynaecology and pelvic floor can also be taken up.

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