SEO Factors Google Looks For

While Google takes into account more than 100 criteria (the importance of which can change over time) when granting the rank of a page, there are some aspects or elements that are absolutely necessary if you want a top position.

The following things are in order of importance, the first two factors are much more important than the rest:

Keywords in link text – both on your site and on sites that have links to your site. The more you have links to your site that contain the most important keywords for your website, the better. This is particularly important if your site has a general orientation and is focused on extremely competitive keywords.

Keywords used in the titles of your pages (between  tags

Keywords that appear between the H1, H2 tags and in the body of your site.

PageRank of your pages, which depends on the number of links to your site. The importance of these links in turn depends on the PageRank of sites that link to these pages, which in turn depend on….. etc..

Web pages that contain at least 200 words of relevant text. As there are several pages on the site, the greater the chance of getting a high ranking for several keywords.

How often do you update the site and its contents? Try to update at least once a month.

How quickly you gain new links (too many links at once is not a good thing)

How old your site is, how old are your site’s pages and how old the links to your website are. Generally speaking, the older your website is and the older the links to your website are, the better. Do not wait needlessly to make your website public, or to put up new pages or new links.

Simply put, for a high rank in Google, you have to do a site optimization seo in Houston for the best of your keywords, get as many relevant links to your site, make sure the text in those links contain the keywords you optimize your site for and do not help yourself to anything that might seem “excessive”, “unnatural”, “manipulative” or “spammy” to Google.

Try to make your site look more natural and behave as if search engines did not even exist.

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