Sex Education

Sex education is the act of informing the younger generation about everything they need to know in sex. It is widely agreed that sex education should be given to the youngsters for that is the age where they need to know all about the ill effects o f unhealthy sex and gain confidence and clarity on healthy sex.

The benefit

Sex education is necessary for people to make crucial decisions in their lives. All the negative effects of sex can be avoided with a sound knowledge of sex. Unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases can be completely averted. This in return would allow youngsters to concentrate on other important things in life like career, education, ambition and other goals. Developing confidence and decision making skills.

Not all sex teachers or advisers tell you the right information. When one tells you the bad effects of sex on one side, the other recommends you to have sex for a healthy living. Therefore decision making is a tough thing. Once given the right information it is up to the youngster to make his own decisions.

Lessons to be taught

Young people gather knowledge about sex through friends, media, magazines and other sources. Some of these are inaccurate. In sex education it is important that you learn all about male and female body parts. Some of your inaccurate information are corrected here. Get to know all the good and bad effects of sex, when to have sex, what are the precautions to be taken before and after sex and the ways of having effective sex. To begin with sex education can tell people about the changes that come over a female during and after her periods, problems women face in their daily lives, pregnancy and its causes.

Sex education is considered to be a sin in some parts of the world. On the contrary it is a boon to the youth. It helps them not only in gaining knowledge but also protects them from the evils of bad sex.

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