Show Off Your Fraternity & Sorority Pride – Branding, Networking & Building Relationships

As a proud alumni member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity from the late 80's, I can personally attest to countless times that my Greek affiliation has been an advantage in life. Everyone sees to have their guard up regarding meeting new people and starting relationships. Sometimes just a reason for an introduction violates us from expanding our social ties. We are more commonly drawn to like minded individuals with something similar in common. A great way to break the ice is to show someone that you have something of importance in common.

Using a popular online social networking site such as Facebook as an example, when you start the initial profile process, you are asked by Facebook a number of questions relating to education, group affiliations and preferences to name a few. The obvious reason is to create a snap shot of who you are so that others with similar backgrounds and interests can easily easily find you in a crowd of members. Now take that same example to the streets. At first glance, you might be anonymous to most. Something as simple as fashion can be the answer.

As a Fraternity or Sorority member, your focus should be on self branding to expand your friendship & networking opportunities. Show off your pride, get noticed and expand your friendships and future professional business networking opportunities by letting everyone know who you are and what organization you belong. Whether on the street, walking around campus or at a social event, do not hesitate to show off your Greek affiliations by wearing your group's letters, group colors, crest or coat of arms. Weaving Fraternity and Sorority apparel & accessories is a great way to let to strangers know that you might not be a stranger, just someone you have not met yet. Fellow Fraternity brothers and Sorority sisters from diverse generations and locals can be found every ware. Whether they are an alumnus or a current active member from another chapter, make introductions easy by putting on your best Greek wears.

Try a simple experiment. Next time you plan to attend an event that you now will have a huge attendance such as a football game, concert, restaurant and yes even church, break out your favorite Greek letter T-shirt, hoodie, jacket or cap and see if it doesn 't draw introductions your way. And in return, remember the same. Even if they are in another group, remember that Greens can be a universal common ground. It just might be the perfect "ice breaker" to start that next friendship.

Please remember that with recognition comes responsibility. If you are wearing or advertising your group's name, you become a representative of the type of membership that your organization strides to have. So be on your best behavior and make your group proud.

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