Study the Science of Spirit, Mind and Body

Study the Science of Spirit, Mind and Body, and Learn More About Consciousness, Light and Wave!

Consciousness is the soul of the universe. There is Consciousness and there is Light. That Light has vibration and Wave, which is what we call Light Wave. Yet Light is not a wave! There are vibrations and waves propagating by that Light. Still, light is not what majority thinks as an electromagnetic wave. Consciousness is the life / soul of that Light. If there is no Consciousness, that Light is not alive anymore. That is why consciousness is the soul and life of the universe.

Waves are literal vibrations, but the momentum and the starter of these vibrations are from other types of energy such as light and consciousness, delivered through the core, which was that Light. In other words, there is no momentum and starter to move the waves, even in free space, if that Light has not delivered the necessary types of energy to actually start the movement.

Here, life needs movement, joy and bless which come from that Light of Consciousness through Waves that are propagating and resonating from / through each conscious element of the universe!

The universe is working through Consciousness Light Wave, and each conscious element in this universe and other parallel universes is functioning in that manner. So each conscious element is alive and is moving the universe around us. The universe that has surrounded us is nothing but the movements of Consciousness Light through generated Waves. Each element, as long as there is that Light which has been presented to it, is alive and conscious!

Light is positive and creative. The lack of Light will be addressed in negativity and chaos! Conscious elements are in peace and harmony from the mind / light of the creator. Therefore, even if we are not completely at peace and harmony, and the elements of our environment are not in positive movements, there is always a higher source that controls the whole universe, and can consciously control everything at anytime.

Here, all elements of the universe are conscious, even if not to us. That is to say, all elements of the universe, around us or in other dimensions, are conscious to the source. Therefore, the whole universe is alive and conscious. Everything is made of Consciousness Light Wave!

Here, everything has Consciousness Light Wave in its root, and all matters and things are made of this substance.

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