Success – Guaranteed Blueprint For Success

Most of us want "success" in life. "Success" can be defined in many ways. We can be successful financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, with our relationships and in many other ways.

In whatever areas we want to be "successful", there are universal principles that aid us in reaching our life goals. The following ten main principals are guaranteed to aid you in reaching your goals.

Please, do not just gloss over these principals. If you really want success, read and internalize them. Think about them. Come back to them over and over until you become one with them and they become automatic in your life.

These very principals have aided me in reaching all the goals I have accomplished in life, and continue to guide me year after year. I am sharing them with you, because I know without a doubt that they work.

1. Create Quiet Time For Guidance. Many of us do not realize our "purpose" in life until later in life. Some of us never realize it. We go to college, trade schools or start businesses in areas where we have no real interest or talent, because we do not know what else to do with our lives. I know this first hand.

My elementary and high school teachers all told me I was good in math and science. I did love these subjects, and the attention I got from the teachers who told me this. Thus, when I went to college I started out as a pre-medicine major, primarily because of what I was told and because I wanted to "make a lot of money". It did not take long before the chemistry and physics classes blew me away, and I was forced to change my major.

Even though I loved the psychology and marketing classes I took, and did very well in them, I majored in Computer Studies just to get out of college with a marketable profession. Had I known then what I know now, that valuable guidance can be gotten from within, by having quiet time with myself, I could have initially chosen a major more in line with my gifts, talents and purpose in life, which becomes our offering to the world. We call this quiet time concentration or
meditation. As you practice meditation and develop it, guidance from within will be clear and will be disclosed quicker.

2. Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses. If you are a good debater, it is probably not a good idea to study bricklaying. Your natural strengths and talents are a good indicator of what your offering to the world could be. We all have both a profession and hobbies. Unfortunately with not a lot of spare time abounding, in our lives, with all our primary commitments, our hobby time is limited. The ideal lifestyle is to have your profession feel like or be your hobby. Professional athletes, writers, dancers, actors and others create this kind of lifestyle for themselves.

It is possible to turn a fatigue into a strength by consistently working and developing it. Unfortunately this takes time, which is a precious commodity, primarily used for our main commitments in life.

3. Define Your Goals. If our goals are not CLEARLY defined, we will never reach them. When our goals are clearly defined, Consciousness becomes a partner in helping and insuring that we reach them. It helps to write down our goals once we have received inner guidance on what they should be. Goals can change over time and should be reviewed and tweaked regularly.

4. Create A Plan. Goal setting is more important than planning, but planning is also necessary and can be extremely helpful. If our plan is from our ego self and not Consciousness revealed through our meditations, it will be fraught with imperfections. If our plan is from Our Higher Self, it will lead straight to the desired outcome.

5. Visualize Your Outcome. Visualizing your output will make it happen quicker and with less stress. Some people use story boards with pictures, characters and words physically showing the desired output. A visualization in your mind is just as powerful, if you are capable of this. A physical and mental visualization together is the most powerful and creates the quickest exit.

6. Educate Yourself. Become an expert in your field. Yes, we all have natural talents and abilities, but they must be nurtured to become ripe and blossom. Learn all you can about your field of appetite, and keep yourself abreast of any new innovations within it. Become an expert at at least one area of ​​your chosen field and surround yourself with experts in all the other areas of it. Have regular fellowship with these trusted experts and have and keep some of them on your team.

7. Work consistently and diligently. One reason why it is important to choose your area of ​​concentration is wisely because it is something you should plan to do for the long haul. To be successful, you must work consistently and diligently, especially in the beginning. The unexpected goal is to have your project run on automatic pilot so that you can live the lifestyle you deserve and envision for yourself.

8. Obtain Professional Help When Needed And Delegate. Surround yourself with trusted specialists. Do not be a one man band. Hire or partner with the best experts available to you, and delegate most of your tasks, except the ones most critical to the success of your project.

9. Obtain The Best Relevant Tools Available. If you need a phillips screwdriver do not pick up a straight one to do the job. If you need high speed internet do not try to do the job with dial-up. If you do not have the proper tools for the job and can not get them, partner with someone who does.

10. Keep Balance In Your Life. The four main areas of our lives, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual should all be well-fed and nurtured for complete success. What good is great financial success if we do not keep our health up enough to enjoy it? What good is great physical success if we do not feed our spirit? We are still aware of our spirit after our body drops off, so it is a good idea to nurture that awareness as much as possible while we are still in the body.

Success is easy to have in life if we really want it. Giving back is also a part of a successful life. Being a co-owner of anything in this world is a treasure and blessing to be cultured and shared.

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