Take College Classes to Get Into Harvard and Ivy League Schools

Most high school students are missing a huge opportunity to separate themselves from the rest of the college admissions pack.

Take college classes now

Not after you’re admitted to Princeton, but before.

Why does this help?

1) It shows extraordinary initiative on your part to go beyond what’s required

2) Assuming you do well in those classes (A- and above grades), it demonstrates that you are successful at the college academic level – one of the key criteria for Ivy League admissions

3) It shows you the benchmark for where you need to be in your studies – which will conversely help your study habits as well as your performance in regular high school classes. After all, if you can do well in college classes, AP courses will seem like a joke

4) It opens up a world of other college-level opportunities – such as the ability to build relationships with professors who can write recommendations, provide job and research opportunities, and so forth. More on that later

5) College classes can open up new areas of interest to you and new passions. You get to explore topics that high schools can’t offer, which is a huge luxury

So go out there and do it! Particularly if you’re a high school junior or senior, I’d suggest looking into classes at your local university. Not the community college, but the local university. Don’t forget about other things like extracurricular activities and community service, but look into university courses now.

It’s a huge edge in admissions, but it requires hard work. Start now and prepare for college admissions early.

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