The Career of Truck Driving, What to Expect

If you are looking for a career that pays well and often has great benefits, then finding a truck driver job might be the best thing you could ever do. Truck driving jobs are often available and are almost recession proof. Of course costs of shipping and product is affected by recessions, but truck driving jobs are still available and ready for the picking. A lot of people who are looking for a truck driver job often wonder what they can expect as far as job duties go. We would like to help shed some light on this subject.

First of all there are many different types of truck driving jobs and depending on the type of industry you go into you will find different job duties and responsibilities. We have broken down the different type of truck driving jobs into three main categories.

A Solo Owner Operator is a truck driver who owns his or her own truck and drives all by themselves. Often trucking companies who are looking for additions drivers will contract with these types of freelance drivers. This type of job usually is for the trucker who has a lot of driving experience and have been able to acquire their own truck over the years. Sometimes these solo owner operator's have their own driving team that contract out the truck to other companies that are in need of drivers.

A Solo Company Driver is for the new truck driver that has been driving for 6 months to a year. You would have considered a company driver if you do not own the truck but you drive alone.

A Team Company Driver is a truck driver who does not own a truck but works for a company and with a team. This means the trucks are shared between the drivers and you never drive alone. This is a great option for husband and wife team, or working with a good buddy. This type of driver is in HIGH demand and many trucking companies will pay a lot more for team driving.

Even though there are different categories of truck driver jobs you can still expect certain things in each category. Anyone can become a truck driver but you must not be a felon, alcoholic, or drug abuser. Every beginning truck driver can expect to have to find a trucking school that will certify them and help them earn their CDL license. Many trucking companies looking for new drivers will help you to pay for this training school. There is a total of 148 hours minimum and 178 hours maximum of schooling you must attend and pass.

Also new truck drivers should get ready to expect is having to get a DOT physical. This requirement ensures that you are healthy and physically fit to be a truck driver. Once you have these things out of the way you can expect to make some serious money and see some beautiful country.

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