The Greatest Leap

Sometimes in life, we all must take a leap off the edge in faith. With that said, the bulk of this article will be about the seemingly unbelievable reality of life that we must believe in that which is not easily sensed or visible yet exists fully.

So, I will start by paraphrasing and quoting the telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell on the science of vibration as he put it through Napoleon Hill in that old book “The Law of Success”: At low vibrations we have normal heat, easily visible light, and what we can touch or feel easily. We have what we can feel with normal sensation at this level.

Meanwhile, at a higher level of vibrations, all kinds of things we cannot see without fancy instruments is at least going on such as ultraviolet light, infrared vibration, and the higher stuff. It is all under the umbrella of our reality, but we cannot see it except with fancy instruments, and if we do not have that, we use intuition and faithful understanding.

When I think about the higher things in life, that is what I think about: What could be vibrating within our reality, but, just above the threshold of our senses? What could be happening that I am not consciously aware of. What is that “leap of faith” at the very least I need to take to understand these things outside of normal reality, but nevertheless exist?

I will tell you this about that: Sure, the laws are uniform at all levels of reality with radiations, oscillations and vibrations, but, it takes a certain amount of faith at first to sense the higher and ultra low thresholds of reality. For example, you cannot see the atoms that make up the air we breathe for the most part unless they are smog, fog or something tangible, yet you do know that it does exist in reality as physical phenomena because you are breathing it. That understanding is a start, but, there is so much that is vibrating around reality that is above and below the threshold of senses, that it still does take a certain amount of faith to realize that they do exist in reality as fully as we can see cars moving or mountains in front of us.

So, the greatest leap in my view is to sense all of the subtleties of reality high and low, realize that everything vibrates right up to the highest and down to the lowest. Reality encompasses everything anyway, that is what I want you to take away from this article.

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