The Human Mind – Have You Chosen a Career?

Between slavery and masochism, which one will you chose? Personal case studies for the last 3 years of experiences have been obscure, somewhat uncomfortable, interesting, challenging and full of self-growth as far insights in the human mind and finances goes. A truth being, there is not a better way to grow your salesmanship, skills and communication and definitely temper than by interacting with others.

Having numerous and consistent interactions with million dollar minds, excellent middle-class minds and what many consider, poor pooh-poohed minds. The conclusions in principles are astonishing. There is no better way to grow than to experience everything yourself. You get a better picture of everything and reminders and past association come stronger rushing into your mind when situations assimilate.

Learning from the experiences of others costs less and it is more intelligent to do so if you can really adapt your mind to believe most of the stories that you hear, but nothing beats personal experiences. Some of the latest principals I have learned are vastly interesting, here are a share of them for your understanding among mindsets.

Most poor and middle class people believe they need to have someone tell them they are worthy. Worthy of being this, worthy of having that, worthy of enjoying this and that among the few for starters. Since elementary school as many of our confident begin to unleash to high degrees, without knowing it – you start classifying yourself worthy or unworthy. Most of your belief will come from social external conditioning and from deep conditioning from family conditioning.

Situation being, people who classify themselves as worthy, demonstrate it. As interesting as it could get, their bank accounts and net worth are much more valuable financially to them and others. Good thing about business, those who survive with their stamp of worthy most often thrive and have much better possibilities of achieving their dreams then those working in something that they do not like, most often it might be a job for you?

Without knowing much of the situation in the states, if you want to live rich in Puerto Rico and want to work for someone this is some of the collected studies. Most often the comparison thanks to similar culture and tradition are basically the same, be it in Puerto Rico or USA.

Most often, you either need to have multiple degrees, a strong portfolio with specialized experiences and either being in the selling prestigious business or in the pharmaceutical industry to live very nicely as those are a predominant in Puerto Rico. And you may know already that pharmaceuticals have been closing down by the dozen in the past year. Scary, however, a form a bit more lucrative than financially secure.

Problem this days as you may notice, someone have to say- you are worth too often in order for most minds to believe it and take action on your dreams. Reminder, most often it will not happen. Two easy reasons being, the factor of your current association and one that every male and women own – ego.

When you start a business, you make your worthiness and stamp yourself with a value to how worthy you think you are, not the other way around as in most "pay to be present" positions. Some employment positions are worthless in value, some have a merit for your time. Who decides that, of course not me, you decide that for yourself. It may hurt reminding it, however, will you be waiting for someone else to say for you in the next 12 years in the future?

Reality, you decide how worthy you are and how valuable you are and nobody else does. Period. If you and I have a similar perspective, you should know that getting a paycheck upgrade from your own results should be next and not smelling a new rose for cookie-muttering your boss for a pay-check upgrade. Fact is, I do not like the thought of corn beef every week, however, gas prices might be a realistic option if you do not choose a career that you love and can grow as a leader.

It is a realistic view for many people, there there passed that once, and I so help me god not going back ever! If you believe you are worthy of living healthy, nicely and very comfortably, you just plan and execute. Nobody else decides that for you, no matter if it is million dollar corporate advice from social conditioning or from someone you respect. You should decide, period! Another inside and yet constant mindset among poor and even middle-class people is perhaps, more interesting.

Most middle-class people and most poor people -poor mindsets focus on the working income they have or currently held. People that are financially at the top, those in the 2% in their country are most often focused on growing their net worth. Our social conditioning tells us that it depends on how much a person makes, that is how successful a person really is. Heard of it?

Communications like: how much do you make? How much did you make last year? Rich family usually communicates their finances, how many 1,000s of stocks do the company save you last year as a bonus? What your current net worth is?

Another interesting one I discovered heavily in my past decade was, poor people resent rich people. Top interesting thing being, how can someone despise a rich and successful person if most people in our culture want to be at the top and become financially free?

Might an A + possibility for the question being, most of the people that resent rich people are, well, broken and unsuccessful most of their careers? It is a reminding but honest editing point! Is it bad to talk about it, no it is not! There is always time to become financially free.

There are many answers of what being rich for many people really is, however, the most favored reality being, getting rich it is measured in what you have and what you keep. Is it late to be wealthy, both financially and spiritually? Can you walk? If I put some Salsa, can you find the rhythm? You're still here right? You may have already find the answer!

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