The Sklar Brothers Share A Hilarious Story About Juwan Howard In College

Although they grew up in St. Louis, comedians Randy and Jason Sklar ended up growing into big Michigan fans before attending the university in the beginning of the 1990s. 

Based on that timeline, the Sklar brothers were in Ann Arbor for some of the most memorable moments of Michigan sports history. From “The Catch” to “The Pose,” Desmond Howard provided quite a bit of historic athletics for the Sklar brothers to take in, but the identical twins were also taking classes right when the Fab Five was carving out its place in college basketball history. 

But the Sklar brothers weren’t just taking classes when the Fab Five was at Michigan, they were taking classes with the Fab Five at Michigan. 

In an interview with Wolverine Digest that will drop in full on Friday, the Sklar brothers recalled a time when Juwan Howard dropped a zinger on the pair of future comedians, but the story does not stop there. Watch the attached video to hear the whole story. 

What was your favorite Michigan sports moment from the early 1990s? Who was your favorite U-M athlete from that time period? Let us know!

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