Three Keys to Successful College Student Diets

Going to college can mean a very unhealthy lifestyle. College student diets consist of many unhealthy foods such as junk food, energy drinks filled with nothing but sugar, overly processed foods made to last for twenty years, and foods packed in grease and oil. Still, however, college students eat this food because of many reasons from a lack of time, not having parents to cook for them, and the need for a quick boost of energy to get their work done.

Not only is the college students diet awful but their lifestyle can be extremely unhealthy as well. Drinking lots of alcohol filled with empty calories, smoking with friends, and staying up all night to study for tests every single week.

Here are three keys to a successful college student diet. If you follow these you will be much healthier than many of your peers.

Success Tip 1 – Limit the amount of sugar you eat

Sugar is filled with very simple carbohydrates which will give you a quick burst of energy. After that energy burst, however, your energy levels will fall and this they will do very drastically. It raises blood sugar levels and then causes them to crash. Although sugar is a major favorite of college students wanting that boost of energy, it will always make you feel worse.

Success Tip 2 – Eat More Veggies

Remember how your parents always told you to eat your vegetables? If you do not then you're probably eating extremely unhealthy! Going to college can make it very difficult to go out and buy fruits and veggies at the grocery store. They are also very expensive and can put a major hole in your wallet.

If you have a cafeteria at your college and have meal plans or something similar be sure to get at least one serving of fruits a day.

Success Tip 3 – Order Healthy When Going Out

In college, you are able to go out with friends whenever you wish. For most people, going out places means going to eat somewhere. When you go on a date most likely you are going to go to a place that has food. It is what our society is built around. The average person eats half of their food every year from dining places and restaurants.

When you go to these outings to eat be sure to order what is the healthiest. You do not always have to order salads. You can order chicken wraps if they have them. Avoid the extremely greasy foods and especially fries.

During college, it is not that hard to eat healthy. It will take some change in your diet but after a few weeks you'll be used to it and can be feeling much better than if you were basing your energy levels on the newest energy drinks. Follow these three simple success tips and avoid some weight as well!

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