Today in Science Class – Instilling Christian Values ​​in Today's Children

What do you do when your child comes home from school and questions questions about God versus what he learned today in science class? It's normal for kids to question beliefs and values ​​and it's difficult to counter the information that's being fed to them every day in public schools.

Christian educator, David Millette, has written a brave new book, Today in Science Class: Ben's Big Bang Botheration, that will help children and parents in the quest to retain Christian values ​​in the home.

Ben's Big Bang Botheration is the first in the Today in Science Class series and deals with the issue of Creation and the Big Bang theory. Middle school student, Ben, loves science and has always enthusiastically studied class subjects. But laTely, Ben's teacher has been presenting the theory that everything on earth just happened and was not created by God. These teachings are completely opposite from those that his parents and church says are true – and Ben wishes answers.

Out of Ben's questions and search for the truth comes an understanding that God is the most logical explanation for the creation of our universe. Children who read Ben's Big Bang Botheration will be engaged in lively thoughts and conversations throughout the book and will begin to understand the concepts presented in school and at home.

The first half of each Today in Science Class book is written in story form and dedicated to children readers. The second half is specifically written to help parents and teachers understand what children of middle-school and teens are being taught in our schools and how to counteract the influence of those teachings.

Millette's promise is that parents must become their children's primary educators and be prepared to teach them why the theories that they're being taught in school are not correct. This can not be done through brow-beating or a "because I said so …" attitude. Parents must be armed with facts and the educated ability to sit down with their children and have meaningful conversations about God.

Millette has laid an impressive foundation in the first book of the Today in Science Class series – Ben's Big Bang Botheration. When a child believes the first five words of the Bible: "In the beginning, God created …," he has all the foundation he'll need to with the concepts and theories presented to him through his education process – and beyond. That's the focus of Milete's series.

David Millette's books may be the answer to our worries about the persuasion that schools have in our children's lives and a guide as to how we can maintain a stronger influence to help them grow into Christian men and women. Today in Science Class: Ben's Big Bang Botheration, is an excellent resource for parents and each future book will address a particular theory presented in schools and guidance for parents when their children come home with questions.

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