Top 10 Career New Year's Resolutions

1) Reduce work stress levels. People's jobs are the single biggest cause of stress (Source: Hazard Magazine), and stress can contribute to health problems, obesity and depression as well as affecting your personal happiness. Identify what is stressing you about work, and aim to reduce or remove it from your job entirely. Life is too short to be miserable

2) Work part time or work from home 1 day per week. Technology now enables people to do a portion of their work from home. With broadband internet and phone access, you can do your admin tasks and attend phone conference meetings and avoid the commute. Productivity is greater at home as there are fewer interruptions. You can get more done in less time, and feel greater job satisfaction as well as seeing your family. Working 4 days a week may also be attractive to companies in this economic climate, if you can afford it yourself. Ask your Manager for the opportunity and demonstrate the value for them.

3) Up-skill and get a more challenging role. If you are bored in your job, the best way to get a new one is to up-skill and improve your resume. There may already be opportunities within your workplace to improve your skills, so look for those first. You can also do evening classes or a correspondence course to open up your career horizons.

4) Make more money. Finances are worried for many in this climate so making more money in your job is a common goal. If you want to ask for a raise, demonstrate your value to the company first and explain why you deserve it. You might also look at ways you can make money outside of work – a small part time business or clearing your clutter and selling it on EBay.

5) Stop taking abuse from co-workers. Many people find work difficult because collectors harass, abuse or just annoy them. Make 2009 the year you stand up for yourself, or report the co-worker who is making your life a misery. Make an effort to stay away from toxic work collections who drain your energy with gossip and negativity.

6) Find out what you really want to do with your life and career. Many people say they hate their job but they do not know what else they would like to do. Identify what your skills are as well as what you would love to do. Ask other people what they think you are good at. Read some career related books and dream larger than your current situation. You can have the career you want – it may just take some time to get there, but if you start now, you'll get there sooner.

7) Improve work time management and efficiency. So much time is spent answering repetitive emails or attending meetings that do not run to an agenda. Aim to cut down on pointless administration tasks and improve work efficiency. Work smarter, not harder.

8) Work proper hours and take leave. Somehow people have lost the idea of ​​a 40 hour work week. Think how much time you spend commuting, working through lunch, working weekends, answering work emails at home and skipping leave for work commitments. Aim to reduce these and reclaim your time in 2009.

9) Actively plan your career path. Many people say that they just "fell into" their jobs. They did not plan to be in this job but somehow they ended up here. If you do not decide what you want and plan to get there, then you will find this happening to you. Decide what you want with your career and set specific goals and time periods for this to happen. This will open your eyes to new opportunities and you will be empowered to achieve them.

10) Change jobs. Many of these goals may culminate in deciding to change your job in 2009, whether this is within your workplace, industry or starting something entirely new. Update your tired resume and brush up your interview skills, pump up your confidence and go get the job of your dreams!

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