Top 10 Countries for Academic Jobs

It would seem academic jobs are at a premium. In some countries, people desire these jobs very much for their benefits. No need to explain life in the Ivory Tower. We get it. However, in the more traditional academic bastions, like America and the UK, governments are eliminating tenure and slashing those very same benefits. Well since the benefits and cuts, it appears that these very countries are having trouble filling theseought after positions of academia. So it is to your benefit to have a look at the top countries for academic jobs. For you may never know where your services may be needed, at the right price, position, and best of all, location:

1. United States – Not surprisingly, the US leads the world for academic jobs. With the most universities and colleges by far, the United States employers academia from all around the world. Despite this, there are certain parts of the country that are having problems hiring more teachers, especially in primary and secondary education.

2. India – ranked second in terms of population, India also hosts the second most academic jobs. There are great academic freedoms here, and their massive rising middle class are the likely causes for their current ranking.

3. China- The sheer number of Chinese citizens places them in 3rd place for most academic jobs. It has often been sighted that there are more Chinese honor role students than there are US students. However, there are still many in China who is unable to send their children to school or attend school themselves. Also, for most Westerners, China maintains tight government regulations on its education system.

4. United Kingdom – The UK also boosts many premier universities, and a highly educated population. Much like the United States, having these two factors is a good way to land yourself high on this list.

5. Japan – In Japan, there is a huge focus on the family being involved in education. The government of this country also sponsors a large share of GDP on education. Being one of the more developed countries in the world, Japan boasts a huge amount of academic jobs especially in the fields of technology and engineering.

6. Germany – Returning back to Europe, Germany makes number 6 in terms of academic jobs available. Similar to other European countries, this highly developed state puts a great emphasis on educational spending on all levels.

7. France – Bringing in the number 7 spot, trailing just behind Germany, is France. Education is paramount in most European countries, and France is no exception.

8. South Korea – Unlike their neighbors to the north, South Korea has embroced globalization and has become a major player on the global stage. With a similar view on education as Japan, South Korea has a large amount of academic jobs, especially in the area of ​​teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) due to their global appetite.

9. Russia – The sleeping giant of education is Russia. They are still providing many academic jobs despite the fact that many people do not take note of this. If you like your weather and your Vodka cold, Russia may be the place for you as Mr. Putin and company gear up the Russian economy.

10. Sweden – A surprise to the list, Sweden has plenty of academic jobs. With one of the largest socialist governments in comparison to many others, Sweden spends a lot of money on education, and they provide many jobs. One of the many benefits to Sweden, despite the high tax rate, is all the inclusive benefits Sweden offers its workers and citizens.

I am sure there are many more countries that should be on this list. A Top 10 based on the aggregate of quantity of jobs available, overall government spending, and socio-economic effects is far from complete. However, if you are looking to make the global switch, this list will at least give you a running start. Granted, I did not take into account difficulties of obtaining work-visas. For those in the EU or Commonwealth, it may be easier than for others, however, the way I always look at it, if a school needs you, they will complete the necessary paperwork required for your work authorization.

As always, I welcome you to share any information you have positive or negative about the countries I have listed or if you would like to recommend a few countries yourself.

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