Top Psychological Reasons Why You May Lose Your College Years

Why is that every youth going to a college thinks that he will build a better world for himself and will do this and that for transforming himself, but comes out from the college without having an addition to his career and sometimes this creates a problem in his employment. I am going to describe you points which should be noted down and should be avoided at the college to help you stop from getting carried away.

Top psychological reasons why you get carried away at college

  1. Frequent changing of aim – I understand that you should not decide your aim or career direction too early, but i strongly feel that first year is the last year you shift a change in your career aim. What do you want to be in life and in what direction you should work should be made clear, right from the very first year at the college. After that remaining years you should to permanently for that aim.
  2. Learning is old fashioned – Most of the time hard work in studying is considered old fashioned and students instead of hard working and focusing in their studies. what they think, but in order to show them that you are too smart and you get more marks by just touching the books and you do not need to work too hard for studying, you should not avoid being yourself. your friends will soon realize that they were wrong and you were right.
  3. Stay away from Looser mindset people -You should avoid people that keep cursing their fate and always emit a kind of negative energy. These are people who are frustrated for no reason at all. These people will convince you that you have not gotten what you deserved and you should be at a better university, and that you should not try more as all depends upon fate. Just keep a safe distance from them.

If you will keep these factors in mind there is no reason why you will not convert your college degree into a meaningfulful job .

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