Useful Psychic Abilities

At the outset it is very important to understand why developing and using your psychic skills is important. We all possess abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, ESP and direct mind over matter power in the form of psychokinesis. Psychokinesis is a very important psychic skill because it empowers one to directly control matter with the mind. We can obviously see how this is so important for all areas of life, and especially in terms of manifesting whatever we may need when we need it and also whatever we deeply desire.

We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations that we want to manifest and for some reason there is usually blockage. This blockage is easily removed when we learn to use our psychic mind over mater powers. That is the subject of this article. The very best information that I can provide on how to effectively use and control your psychic abilities is from my own personal experience. Now, I’ve learned most of what I know about awakening and using psychic abilities within the context of yoga, chakras, meditation and by working with the sacred manuscript known as “This Is PK.”

That manuscript is obviously one of the best resources for learning how to work with psychokinesis and mind over matter in general. Psychokinesis or “PK” is direct mind over matter power. It enables us to move objects at a distance, to control and manifest though much easier, to influence outcomes, naturally heal ourselves and others, and to easily attract whatever is needed or deeply desired in your life. Im sure you can see how this specific psychic ability can be quite beneficial.

Again, we are all obviously born with many psychic abilities. These include: The ability to astral project into other worlds especially during sleep, manifest thought and intent, natural healing powers. It also includes powers such as mental telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis. Many times these latent abilities in humans are triggered, awakened and activated as a result of certain practices and even by simply coming into contact with mere knowledge or information. For example, many people have experienced extreme psychic or mind over matter phenomenon immediately after coming into contact with certain people, certain information, or after merely doing certain practices such as yoga, meditation or chakra work.

The ways that our psychic abilities are triggered or awakened depends largely on our individual and unique Karma. Maybe reading this article or following up with related information will awaken and/or enhance your psychic abilities. In any case, I can assure you that whenever you do experience your real psychic PK power, you will know it and you will not mistake it for anything else. This abilities are very real and also quite fascinatng to experience. Aside from yoga, chakras and meditation work, there are many other approaches for immediately awakening and triggering our psychic abilities.

These abilities are very important to know about because they give one access to a whole other level of mental and spiritual power. And this power affects our abilities in life, our opportunities and levels of good fortune. Many of these approaches are covered in the manuscript This Is PK and are quite effective. Our psychic skills are becoming more of a survival skill than anything else. Strong intuition and inner knowledge is more important than ever in this age when we are all being bombareded with so much information. These skills can benefit our lives in unlimited ways. In fact, developing these higher abilities is the first step towards living well in total abundance.

Again, my preferred method of working with my own psychic abilities and developing them to the fullest is with yoga and meditation and chakra practice. I feel this way for a number of good reaasons. First of all, yoga is one of the oldest and most reliable systems of accessing our higher selves. The chakras are the oldest mapping system of human nature and potential. As I began working with mantra yoga and Bhakti yoga unto Lord Sri Krsna, my psychic abilities began flourishing like never before. It was like a blosooming lotus flower PK is very important to learn about because nodern science takes it very seriously as a mind power that can control matter and even influence outcomes by effecting the element of “chance.”

PK is connected to the quantum level of manifestation and knowing how to rely on your own personal PK powers is the secret to real personal liberation and unlimited prosperity. In fact, the science of psychokinesis has become a very important hot topic among people from all over the world because it reveals the truth about what the power of our minds can do. It also has become such a hot topic because many people out there including myself have had personal experiences with PK and witnessed it first hand. So naturally, we seek to know more and learn more and we find answers. After you know that your PK power is real, then you learn how to use it, and enjoy a life filled with all that you have ever needed and deeply desired. In my opinion the best way of learning the truth about PK and how to work ith your natural psychic abilities is to learn from This Is PK manuscript and from your own personal experience.

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