Want a Dream Career? Get a Job on a Yacht!

If you're the "outdoorsy" type, prefer to work on a team, have a positive attitude and are a confirmed "people-person," you may fit right in as part of a yacht crew. Though jobs on most yachts are seasonal or part-time (depending on when someone rents it for a cruise), you will gain an incredible amount of experience while sailing your work days away.

A few yacht crew jobs include the following:

Chef / Cook

Diesel Mechanic

Flotilla Skipper

Host / Hostess

Sailing Instructor

You can apply for positions with private yachts; exploration ships that travel far and wide; commercial vessels; Egypt megayachts and superyachts, liners or tankers. But, where do you find these jobs, anyway?

There are several yacht crew-finder services for vessel owners and employers around the world. Remember, this is a global industry, and though you'll have a full decision-making authority on things like what kind ofessel you'd like to sail on and when you're available to crew, things like salads or if you will work a working holiday yacht cruise or as a voluntary crew member are large non-negotiable, particularly for entry-level jobs.

You can also work on shore-based jobs related to the yachting industry, such as outfitters or suppliers for deck and overall yacht needs like linen services or glassware.

And think about this: You pretty much get to decide ahead of time whenever you'd prefer to work on Carver yachts, Catalina yachts, Seaward Yachts, Pershing Yachts, or pal up with a few friends on the ship of your choice. The other good thing about yacht employment is that, because it is seasonal work, for the most part, there is a lot of turnover, so you will not have to "paddle the waters" very long while looking for a job!

Another good tip to know is that vessel owners are usually very generous and pay their crew very good (tax-free) wages, along with job "perks" such as the obvious, like travel expenses and great accommodations, plus a free vacation !!

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