What Are the Career Options Available After Microsoft PPM Training?

Once a person joins the course and goes through the whole course module, there will be a MS Project Server training session following that one undergoes which will prepares for taking the related examination. After that ones needs to undergo the examination for all the modules that have been taught and get the cut off mark needed to achieve Microsoft project certification. In order to achieve the certification one will be tested on level of skills and ability to efficiently using Microsoft software to handle project management at work place. Microsoft has come up with an innovative idea for this MS Project certification training because there are differently skilled people in the market. The training is divided into two main sections:

For beginners and seasoned users.

For beginners

This program targets that section of people who have minimum or no knowledge about project management. This is for the people who want to pursue a career in project management and is absolutely new to the program. Here in, comprehensive training is given to everyone who joins the course. So if someone is new to project management, then he or she can enroll for this program. Most of the training institutions provide basic Microsoft office training course and how to use its different applications to get the candidate familiar so that they have the basic knowledge of Microsoft suite before beginning the course.

Microsoft offers 3 days course training session which includes classroom lectures by trained experienced faculty members, providing associated materials and resources needed for the course which one may use for learning the subject and polish the skills to make oneself exam ready. Followed by which one needs to sit for the tests and finish the examinations. Once the examination is completed and if a candidate scores the required cut off mark he or she will be given the Microsoft project certification which will help in building a bright career in this field.

Seasoned users

This particular program is for the ones who already own knowledge and experience in project management. People who are already working on project management and have command on it can take this program. In this program there will be no lectures or training available to the candidates. One can directly sit for the examination which will save a lot of time. Once taken the certification examination he or she will be assessed on the skill and if the person attains the needed cut off mark, Microsoft project certification will be given and this will take him or her to a higher position in an organisation or to other organisation if you are switching your current job.

According to a market survey, 81% of employers hire personnel who have certification in the particular area so that they can avoid hiring someone untrained for whom they have to provide training to make the person ready for the project. Thinking how employers decide about people’s skills on the basis of certification? Obviously, a person gets the certification only when he or she has good knowledge on the particular skills, if the person does not have required knowledge and skill in the field, he wouldn’t have received the certification.

Therefore, the management is ready to hire the person who has MSProject certification training because Microsoft suite is one of the most trustworthy service provider in IT and their software are going to be used for years in the future.

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