What Is Career Counseling?

If you have hit a professional brick wall, career counseling is right for you. Have you graduated from college but can not get you foot in the door? Do you dread getting up in the morning to face another day at work? Or worse, you were fired during the last wave of last layoffs and do not have a job to wake up to at all.

Well, the job market has plenty of competition. To stand out from the crowd you must understand why you are the best fit for the job. Knowing what you really want in a job and what career happiness feet like is essential. People who are in love with what the do for a living are rarely fired. Experienced career counselors can help you define your dreams and clarify what career happiness means for you.

Career coaching is very much like regular counseling except the focus is on professional exploration. The counselors give you the guidance and direction needed to take control of your future.

Career counseling is not a one stop proposition. It is a process. A career counselor does not, and should not tell you what major or career to pursue. Instead, they help you explore your skills, interest and personal preferences. You will have a clear idea what you want, a plan for how to get it and the confidence to make the decisions on your own.

Professional guidance will lead you to the most suitable career. They typically have a background in psychology and are trained to make the link between how you think and their skills and education. If you are a teenager deciding what to major or a seasoned professional contemplating changing careers, counseling can help you take the next step.

The process is different depending on the counselor. However, many will start with assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory. They are commonly used to check your judgment and personality. But, it does not end there. It is a holistic approach to self-exploration.

Some questions they explore include:

• What motivates you based on your values?

• What interests you?

• What do you do well and how do you use those talents?

• What are the daily activities of different professions?

• How do you make an action plan?

• How do you make a resume to get the interview?

• How do you ace the interview?

You will be able to answer these questions and many more with assessments. However, the assessments are not designed to give you the perfect answers. They answers are used as spring boards for additional conversation.

There are free career centers for college student and people in job transition. Although a great resource they are not equipped to dig deep enough to define a clear course. Career counseling with an experienced pro can coach you into taking action. They will give you concrete step to help you reach your optimal work life balance based on your personality and expectations. It is a very small investment for a lifetime of fulfillment. There is nothing stopping you from reaching your full professional potential. For more quality free tips and information please visit http://bdcareer.org

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