Why Do Women Develop the Urge of Getting Married?

Women around the world develop fondness towards getting married at a particular age. There are many reasons for a woman to get married and all of them are completely justified. If you are traveling the same boat, here are few reasons you can easily identify with for allowing the opposite gender in your life forever.

While men start planning for their job and career from an early age, women, apart from planning a successful professional life, also prioritize getting married to their dream men. It won’t be appropriate to say that men don’t want to get married, but women have more reasons to tie a wedding knot. The discussion below will definitely carry one or more reasons you can identify with for planning a married life.

Fairy Tales of Childhood

All those stories and fairy tales, where romance blossoms between a prince and a princess, paints the picture of marriage in a woman’s mind right from the childhood days. The immature dreams get nourished with growth in age, which ultimately encourage her towards marriage at very first step of adultness.

Age is the Natural Factor

How old do you have to be to get married? While there is no specific age to be answered for this question, as soon as a woman descend her teenage, a natural force develops curiosity for getting married. Your ambition to get settled in professional life might delay your age of marriage, still you don’t completely abandon the thought of enjoying the status of a married woman.

Thirst for Unconditioned Love

Tired of dating, which might fail to satisfy her love bone, a woman develops interest in marriage for winning unconditioned love from her man. Also, you might discover a man, who is madly in love with you. A constant appetite of loving and getting loved can answer the question of why get married.

Feeling of Security with Men

No matter how successful a woman might get in her life, the real sense of security is experienced by her after getting married to a man, who is physically as well as mentally strong. Women want to get married to feel secure in their men’s arms and it definitely doesn’t exhibit their inferiority. It is a natural phenomenon, which is experienced by every woman.

Ultimate Pleasure of Life

There is no need to hesitate while admitting that sexual satisfaction also motivates a woman to get married. Fulfillment of these desires is not among the things to do before you get married, at least not for majority of women. Sexual relationship in a legalized form is what most of the women desire for.

Love for Children

Playing the role of a mother is among most cherishing desires of every woman. Right from the age of playing with dolls, women develop motherhood in more or less quantity and this inspires them to have their own children. So, it is a justified reason for women to show desperation towards marriage.

Other Reasons to Mention

  • Leading a comfortable life can’t be counted among reasons not to get married. In fact, it is a justifiable reason to take the decision of getting married.
  • Sharing responsibility with a companion is another reason for women, who want to get married desperately.
  • Social recognition, loneliness and women around you getting married are other inspiring reasons for a woman to get married.

Marriage is more than a ceremony for every woman. The fascination of spending a wonderful life with a loving and responsible man can persuade you to step into the new phase of your life.

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