Write the Book of Your Successes For Your Next Career Move

Why should I hire you instead of the 15 other people before you? That's the question you need to be able to answer. That question needs answered regardless of your decision to start your own business, or seek a new job at a new company.

So how can you likely ensure you success in your next career move?

Simple write the book, lets say for example you have 18 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer, and your company laid you off. Realize that in today's economy you're going to be facing hundreds and possibly thousands of competitive applicants. The strategy I suggest is to write a book, your book. It should contain your experiences, success and the challenges you overcame.

By sharing your experiences with writing the book that will give you your success at your next career. It's an easy way to show interviewers just what you have to offer. Moreover most resumes only get about 30 seconds of attention whereas a book written by you about you may get an hour, you do the math.

But what if you decided to start your own business? The answer is obvious; yes tell everyone just what you have to offer. Share your experience, your skills, knowledge and down to earth personality.

So the first step to answering the question we have all asked the day our company closed, or when we got laid off; "What do I do now?" Would be to sit down and plan your book, the most important point to writing your book is to not talk about yourself.

Instead speak to your future employer; client or boss. They are not interested in your pet terrier, but instead they want to hear about the challenges you faced and exactly how you overcame them. They have pain, problems concerns and there hoping you can help them solve them, show them that you can.

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